AI in medicine: English-language working group for students at Kaiserschild Lectures Workshop

On 18th of May the Kaiserschild Stiftung in cooperation with Postgraduate Center of the University of Vienna invites interested students of all disciplines to participate in an workshop led by experts, on the topic of how artificial intelligence will influence medicine in the future. The English-language working group ist led by Yllka Velaj, who will introduce the participants to the basics of data mining in medicine.

Yllka Velaj is a postdoctoral researcher in the data mining research group at the Faculty of Computer Science of the University of Vienna. She was a PhD student in Computer Science in the joint PhD GSSI-IMT program at the Gran Sasso Science Institute in Italy. After one year as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chieti-Pescara, in May 2018 she joined the Networks & Optimization group at CWI in Amsterdam as a winner of the fellowship program promoted by ERCIM - the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics.

Before joining the Data Mining team in Vienna she was a researcher at ISI Foundation in Turin, Italy.  In 2018 she has been selected as the recipient of the Women@McKinsey Dissertation Award which is given to a researcher for a master or doctoral thesis on themes related to Advanced Data Analytics or Machine Learning.

Yllka Velaj's research interests include datac mining, combinatorial algorithms, network analysis, algorithm engineering.

There are no programming skills needed for participating on the Workshop. Registration by 11 May is required.